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English translation of the Bestellseite:

EPI-OSD Platine

unpopulated EPI-OSD-Board, black stop-mask, yelow parts print, double-sided Epi-OSD/en 12,90 EURO

EPI-OSD Platine vorbestückt und programmiert

Preassembled and programmed EPI-OSD-Board Epi-OSD/en 149,- EURO


OSD-Chip for the Epi-OSD/en-board 19,50 EURO

Recom R785.0-1.0

5V Switching regulator to replace the 7805 - made by Recom 9,95 Eur pro Stück
input Voltage: 6,5 bis 18V, Output Voltage: 5V, Output Current: 1.0A, Efficency up to 94%

EPIlepsy Board

unpopulated, black stop mask, yellow parts print, double-sided Epilepsy 34,00 Eur pro Stück


EPI-STrom-Board - Current-Sensor-board for the EPI-OSD (without the sensor!), black stop-mask, yelow parts print, double-sided EPI-Strom/en 8,50, Eur pro Stück

EPI-Strom-Platine vorbestückt und programmiert

Preassembled EPI-Strom-Board, The Current-Sensor have to be ordered seperately! EPI-Strom/en 29,90 EURO

Notice - the 50A-sensors are back on stock!

EPI-Strom-Sensor 50A

Allegro Current-Sensor for 50A for the use with EPI-Strom/en 9,76, EURO

Notice - the 100A-Sensors are back on stock!

EPI-Strom-Sensor 100A

Allegro Current-Sensor for 100A for the use with EPI-Strom/en 9,76, EURO

The ACS754 is no longer in production, therefore we deliver teh ACS756 - it is compatible and more accurate.


Helping board for the USB-Prog to provide the typical MK Programming connectors plus the 6-pin Atmel ISP connector EPI-USB-Prog 9,00, EURO

USB-Prog von Embedded Systems

The USB-Prog of embedded systems, preassembled. With this USB-stick one can flash the Atmel-Chips EPI-USB-Prog 37,00, EURO

EPI-Tester Board

The unpopulated Board for building the EPI-Tester - a device for testing I2C and PPM Motor-controllers, servos, showingthe PPM-signal, generating DMX-Signals (depending on the firmware) Epi-Test/en 23,00, EURO

Just mention it in the "Bemerkung"

Package & Postage

as a letter in bubble-envelope within germany: 3,90 EURO
"Nachnahme" within germany 7,40 Eur (Write "Nachnahme" as a comment) The german Post additionally fetches 2 Euros! ...
as a letter in bubble-envelope to teh other european countries 5,50 Eur
other countries pleas ask.

PLEASE do not use e-Mail-Adresses which requires a "click here"-Action to proove to be no spam! We will not click any provided link!

All prices with the german VAT (actually 19%)
After ordering (and doing some handwork here) you will be provided with a pro-forma-invoice. In the letter with the goods you will find the original-invoice.

The items are sold by:

Oberelsbacher Strasse 3
97645 Oberwaldbehrungen
Tel: +49-9774-9218
e-Mail: akku (-at-)
VATID: DE 235094476